Your Obligations

As a landlord you’ve got certain responsibilities and legal obligations to your tenant. These are the main things you have to do.
Look after the building – inside and out

Keeping the exterior and interior of a property to rent in good condition is a landlord’s obligation. Make sure you maintain the roof, drains and gutters. And attend to all repairs and maintenance. 
Have the right insurance

You should insure the property to rent and the contents/goods that are included with it.  Your tenants are responsible for insuring their own possessions. Make sure your insurance covers you as a landlord, for renting your property and carries Public Liability insurance – normal household buildings and contents cover probably won’t. Landlord insurance is highly recommended as it protects against damage to property, loss of rent and liability insurance. 
Make sure services are available

It is also a landlord’s obligation to make sure that the property to rent is supplied with services like gas (where applicable), electricity, water and sewerage.

Leave your tenants in peace

A ‘covenant of quiet enjoyment’ is part of most tenancy agreements.  It means a landlord mustn’t interfere with the tenants. For example, you can’t:

  • Go into the rented property without providing the tenants with at least 48 hours’ prior written notice
  • Do anything that affects the tenants’ rights, for example cutting off services to force a tenant to leave.