Step 4: Get the paperwork done

When you’ve found the right tenants and they’ve agreed to move in, there’s some paperwork to be done before the tenancy can start. We’ll take care of this and send all the documents to you and your tenants.

We call this stage “lease agreed”, and it starts with checking credit references. We’ll request credit checks on your tenants, follow up references and talk you through any potential problems.

Next we’ll draw up a tenancy agreement that sets out exactly the terms of your contract with your tenant, including any special requirements you have. We’ll send you and your tenant copies to sign, all you have to do is check it, sign it and send it back to us before the tenancy starts. We will forward a copy of their signed agreement to you and your signed agreement to the tenant.

Finally, the ingoing inspection report records the contents and condition of your property at the point when your tenants move in. We will give you and your tenant a copy of the ingoing report, and will do another inspection at the end of the tenancy to check that nothing’s missing or damaged.

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